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Nighthawk Interactive and iam8bit will bring Aladdin and Lion King cartridges in the market

A recent report has confirmed that iam8bit and Nighthawk Interactive are planning to release physical cartridges of the classic Disney games. The classical games will include limited “Legacy” cartridges for Aladdin on the Genesis/Mega Drive and the Lion King cartridges on SNES about as authentic as it gets short of finding an original copy on eBay.

Our news sources have reported that both the cartridges for the classic Disney games will cost $100 each and they won’t get shipped until early 2020. The companies will manufacture only 4,500 units of the games each but this is the first and the last opportunity that you would be getting in order to play the game. Pre-orders start October 24th at 1 PM Eastern on iam8bit.

There will also be a physical Retro Version of Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and Lion King for the Switch if you’re not quite interested in the original format. It will be available with a retro-like manual to fit in both Genesis-and SNES-style packages. It will launch for $50 on December 10th, and pre-orders will begin on Best Buy at the same time as the Legacy cartridges. While the ride down memory lane is not going to be quite the same, if you don’t have a’ 90s console hidden in your wardrobe, it may be the more realistic choice.

If you were looking to play some of the classic games from quite some time then this will be the best time to put your hands on both the cartridges and ease your classic cravings, but remember the game won’t ship until early 2020.

At present we have limited information regarding the classic games and we will update the article soon when we will collect more information.

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